The Rider Online | Legacy HS Student Media Covering the Bronco Nation. Mon, 18 Nov 2019 20:33:28 -0600 en-US hourly 1 StuCo Collects Toys and Cans for Holiday Season Mon, 18 Nov 2019 20:33:28 +0000 Student Council will collect toys for the annual Toys for Tots event at the Center until Dec. 3. Students can trade in toys for tickets to purchase snacks such as hot chocolate, popcorn, cotton candy, tardy passes and more. StuCo sponsor Kenna Cavnar also encourages teachers to bring canned foods for the Broncos Set the Table canned food drive.

“They happen simultaneously every year so we thought we would do it a little different,” Ms. Cavnar said. “We encouraged the staff members to do the food drive because they can give incentives, and school-wide, we’re doing Toys for Tots.”

Teachers will collect canned food items or money from their classes for Teacher Survivor Island. StuCo will eliminate the teachers with the least amount of cans each Tuesday and Thursday and will announce the final survivor Nov. 20. The winner will receive a six-weeks jean pass.

“For teachers, [jean passes are] serious business, we’re all about that,” Ms. Cavnar said. “That’s driven more by the teachers as opposed to student council.”

StuCo will donate all toys collected at Legacy to the Mansfield Toys for Tots community event on Dec. 4 from 5 to 10:30 p.m. StuCo will have a booth set up to create ornaments at the event.

“We know who it’s going towards, so we really want to do our best just to make them happy,” Student Body President Major Melson said.

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Witnessing The American Dream Mon, 18 Nov 2019 16:12:35 +0000 My mom was born and raised on a little island in the Caribbean named Curaçao. She raised us differently due to her culture and my brother and I had different experiences from other kids. We celebrated holidays from Curaçao, had different food and had different family events.

My mom came here on a student visa for college in 1983. She studied at a college in Georgia and after she graduated she realized she fell in love with America and didn’t want to go back. 

After she married my dad, they had two kids. She always dreamed of the picture-perfect American family as a child. She’d always wanted it but never thought it would actually happen.

She made sure when my brother and I grew up that we knew about Curaçao. Our opa came to America to visit all the time, we were both baptized in Curaçao and we took vacations there multiple times throughout our childhood.

I’ve visited Curaçao about five times and I love it. I love the colors of the houses, the food, the beaches, and my family down there. One of my favorite things to eat there are the pastiches, which I carve on a daily basis.

Most of my mom’s side of the family lives down there which includes my many cousins, uncles and more. I don’t see them as much as I would like and if I could I would see them more often.  

I will never hate where I come from just because it’s different from most people. I love where I come from and the culture that comes with it. Curaçao will always have a special place in my heart and I don’t think I will ever become tired of going there.

I admire my mom for the courage to migrate to a foreign country all by herself. Even though she knew that she couldn’t speak much English she came to a country without anyone and took a chance.

Even though I might have had a different childhood because my mom is not originally from here, I wouldn’t change where she comes from if I had a chance.

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Outside Looking In Mon, 18 Nov 2019 15:15:08 +0000 From the outside looking in, my family looks normal. But like every other family, there’s something they struggle with. 

My eldest brother always struggled with his behavior. At the age of 12, he caught his first felony for assault with a deadly weapon. Despite his behavior, he’s an enamored brother to me. Around 4th grade, I noticed a change in my brother’s behavior and attitude. He spent less time around the family and became standoffish. Although I was young, I was not oblivious. Shortly, after I noticed this change, I found out my brother had a drug problem. This soon started to affect my household. 

Arguments between my parents about his problems started to occur. Every night, I remember my mom trying to lecture to my brother. Despite my parent’s constant effort to help him with his drug abuse and behavior, nothing helped. I couldn’t stand to see my parents fight and my brother in a horrible stage in his life. I stayed in my bedroom. Youtube and Netflix became my best friend. His drug abuse remained on and off all throughout my school career until my sophomore year. I eventually became used to the 12 a.m. calls from my brother to get bailed out of jail. 

The hurt from seeing my brother on drugs didn’t come close to the hurt I felt because I had lost a part of him. To witness my brother slowly deteriorate into a stranger is unexplainable. I could tell when my brother went back to his old ways. It’s like a switch he’d turn on and off.  After a while, I started to resent this and him. It made me irritated that he took advantage of my parents when he needed something, then went right back to his ways when he got what he wanted. 

Today, my brother has made considerable progress. Although up and down moments occur, he holds a steady job, goes to church, spends time with family and helps out around the house. Every day I’m grateful for this change and only hope for the future to hold many more blessings for him. 

Although many negatives came out of this situation, I learned many positive lessons. My family found God through this and have funny stories to tell about my brother’s crazy times. I learned not to trust or judge anyone because you don’t know what goes on in their home life. 

I watched my brother become a stranger.

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Nontraditional Ways To Spend Thanksgiving Sun, 17 Nov 2019 18:01:45 +0000 Thanksgiving is a much-loved holiday. However, the traditional large meal, awkward family discussions and football games can become boring. You can have a unique celebration through many nontraditional, but enjoyable, activities.

Go to a sit-down restaurant 
Cooking a meal for the whole family takes a lot of work. It takes hours to prepare a turkey and sides, and the clean-up afterward is painful and the dishes pile up to scary heights. Instead of going through this agony, let someone who gets paid do it instead. Restaurants such as Applebee’s, Bucci Di Beppo, Cracker Barrel and Chili’s can provide meals and quality time for the whole family.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for the important people and things in your life, even if they are not family. Get a group of friends together and have a “Friendsgiving” instead of the traditional family dinner. If each person brings one dish, there will be more than enough food for everyone to have a memorable thanksgiving. 

Volunteer somewhere
Many food banks and mission centers provide dinner to the less fortunate on Thanksgiving Day and they need volunteers to help their efforts. Local food banks include Mission Arlington, Tarrant Area Food Bank and Mansfield Mission Center.

Set up Christmas decorations 
As soon as Thanksgiving ends, the Christmas season begins. Eat a big breakfast, express your gratitude, and then get to work on celebrating the greatest holiday of the year.

Invite someone who doesn’t have local family
Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for loved ones, but not everyone has a local family they can celebrate with. Invite a family friend or neighbor who does not have family nearby to participate in your family’s festivities. This will create a new dynamic and will make their holiday more joyful.

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Football Playoffs Fri, 15 Nov 2019 17:35:00 +0000 No one expected we would make it. However, by winning four games in a row against Dallas schools, our football team has qualified for playoffs. We can proudly say our football team participated in playoffs for four years in a row.

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Thanksgiving Break Fri, 15 Nov 2019 17:31:05 +0000 As Thanksgiving Break approaches, students feel the exhilarating hope of a week of freedom from stress and studies. Even though we must endure one more week, the knowledge the break is coming brings relief and joy.

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Physics Students Launch Rockets Fri, 15 Nov 2019 16:32:49 +0000 Laughter consumed the room as paper rockets soared through the air and fell helplessly back to the ground. Ms. Lowry, physics teacher, strolled between lab tables and she commented kindly on student’s rocket decorations and styles. 

Students sat at their lab seats and hot glued their rolls of paper and colored the wings on their rockets. A table filled with girls laughed at their difficult glue gun, and a table filled with boys threw their scraps of paper at each other. Only smiles and eased minds filled the classroom as everyone constructed their homemade rockets to launch later in the period. 

On the other side of the room, papers stacked on top of one another on Lowry’s desk in an effort to get grades in on Skyward, and students’ desks were cluttered with notes and math problems. The whiteboard was well-marked with equations and due dates. Nothing though could get to the relaxed, soothed students on the lab side. 

“Alright, sweet children,” Lowry said and walked over to open the door. “Let’s go ahead and start launching these rockets.” 

Everyone excitedly stood up from their seats and clumped together to travel over to the first floor to experiment. The students held on tight to their masterpieces as they strolled down the quiet hallway, small talk bounced off the tile floors from friends and Lowry tagged along from behind, carrying large PBC pipes that dragged along the ground. They journeyed down the open staircase and set up their lab work in the foyer. 

The pipes laid out on the floor and empty two-liter bottles stuck to the end of them to step on. Groups of four scattered around the foyer and everyone placed their rockets on the opposite ends to launch. Students jumped onto the plastic bottles that crackled under the force, which sent rockets soaring through the air. They eventually plummeted to the ground and students rushed to calculate the distance and time that transferred onto their papers. 

“Look, Ms. Lowry,” a student said and pounced onto the bottle so her rocket would shoot out into the foyer.  

“Whoas” and laughter echoed in the open area; heads of straggling students and occupied counselors twisted when they strolled past the class. Meanwhile, the handcrafted test modules continued to fly high and far as the students recorded their data. Lowry leaned her back against the stone pillar and watched her students enjoy the simple yet riveting project.

Time raced by and Lowry began to wrap up on the lab. She called for some students to help carry back the pipes, which a few boys willingly obliged. Everyone packed up their papers and proudly clung to their rockets that performed well, and began their trip back to the classroom, smiles still stretched across their faces.             




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Recap: Camp Flog Gnaw Fri, 15 Nov 2019 16:27:31 +0000 Since 2012, the rapper Tyler, the Creator has hosted his annual festival, Camp Flog Gnaw. This year’s lineup had a secret headliner. Everyone took to social media to share their assumptions and theories on who the mysterious headliner might be. All signs pointed toward Frank Ocean. This harmless assumption led to an insane fiasco at the end of the last night. Thanks to Twitch’s live stream of the festival, we were able to view the performances, crowds and clownery. Here are some highlights of our favorite moments of CFG.

Blood Orange 

Y’all know it wouldn’t feel like a concert unless Blood Orange attends. Ian Isiah and Eva graced the stage with their beautiful presence and honey-soaked vocal performance. They ushered the spirit of the Lord in with their infamous track, “Holy Will,” but His presence soon left once Da Baby took on the stage. 

Da Baby

The Cleveland based rapper, Da Baby, made the moshpit go crazy. In the pit, resided a bunch of kids with no shirts on, sweat on their bare backs and a bunch of white boys who sang the N-word. Pure hell. Apart from that, his set sounded great. 

Daniel Ceaser 

Surprisingly, Daniel Ceaser made an appearance. This past year, Caesar addressed the black community on Instagram. He called them out on their problematicness, and said, “[Black people] are being so mean to white people right now.” Even in the midst of his cancellation, his fans showed up and showed out for him. Ceasar’s performance sounded like pure bliss. 


This performer identifies as a black country goddess. She invented intelligence. She is a reincarnate of Rosa Parks. Yup, her name is Solange. Her set emulated a Sunday morning service- symmetry among every background dancer and horns that blare loud. When she sang “Almeda”, she stunted her Megan thee Stallion knees. 

Tyler, the Creator

Tyler ended the first night of CFG by doing his thing. He even went off on the crowd a little bit. He’s known for going off on his audience when they don’t give him enough energy. It’s weird because the audience sang along to all his songs, jumped up and down and gave him their attention. That makes me wonder if he has anger issues or if he is never content with a performance.


Drake: our light-skin king was the secret headliner. His appearance was met with backlash. He was booed off the stage. The audience expected Frank Ocean to make an appearance. Frank doesn’t like y’all. He was chilling at home kissing on his man. Next. 

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Football Prepares For Lone Star Fri, 15 Nov 2019 05:59:31 +0000 The boys rushed through the double doors of the fieldhouse as they headed straight for the locker rooms. Head football coach Chris Melson walked out of the film room to find stragglers still in their school clothes. He patted their backs and pointed in the direction of the weight room. Athletic trainers prepared bottles of water for the players, football managers set up the timer and the other coaches discussed what practice would look like. 

Frost in the air accumulated as the players ran out almost at the same time with deep, heavy breaths. All over the field, managers shifted pads until they looked right, boys jogged to warm their bodies up and coaches sang chants of encouragement. With the wave of a hand, all the players ran to the center of the field in a huddled up position. 

“Let’s beat Lone Star. We can do this,” Coach Thomas said.

Soon after, the clock started, and drills began. In lines of ten players each, the boys performed each drill with coaches on their tails. The shrill sound of the whistle pierced the air and that stopped floor sweeps and strip drills. As though the whistle signified a special language, they broke up into offensive and defensive teams to work on plays and passes. 

“With the ball, run it again,” Coach Melson said. “On the snap, don’t put your hands on the outside of the receiver.”

Sophomore Bradyn Love ran back to his position in the lineup, but his eyes flashed toward the timer. He noticed their time on the outdoor field was almost up. With more enthusiasm, he focused his vision range on the center alone. The snapped ball flew into the hands of the quarterback as the wide receivers tried to outmaneuver the defenders and catch the pass. The coaches did not seem satisfied by that play.

“Pick it up, or you go home,” Coach Melson said. “I’m not forcing you to play.”

The boys gathered in another huddle where they spoke more words of encouragement and constructive criticism. Soon after, they filed onto the buses to continue practice at an indoor field in Kennedale.

On Nov. 15, the team will play Frisco Lone Star in the first round of playoffs in the Ford Center at the Star at 7:30 p.m.


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Key Club Sells Socks for Student in Africa Thu, 14 Nov 2019 20:04:11 +0000 Key Club sponsors a child in Africa by raising funds to send her to a private school in Uganda for an entire year. The club sells socks for $12 per pack for the Socks for School fundraiser in Nov. 

Leticia, a young student from Uganda, writes to Key Club. Legacy students can help raise money for Leticia by purchasing socks from Key Club during lunch in Nov.

The We Help Two organization is a partner of Key Club International and works to send children in Africa to school. The program focuses on education in poverty-stricken areas where they would not receive the same school experience. A committee, led by Caroline Brown and Hannah Brantley, hopes to meet their goal of 105 packages sold through Nov.

“It’s for a really good cause and I am happy to be a part of it,” Brantley said. “We will be able to send a girl to school and really impact her life.”

The Key Club is responsible for a 12-year-old girl in Uganda named Leticia. She will receive school fees, new uniforms and meals. Her teacher will receive a portion of their salary on behalf of the We Help Two organization.

“We hope to sell enough packages to send our child to school,” Key Club President Camilla Brown said. “We want to help build a more caring environment for our school and involve everyone in helping.”

Key Club began its partnership with the We Help Two program in 2018 through the Socks for Legs project which donated a prosthetic leg to a child in need. This year, they wanted to shift focus to the Socks for School in support of a child in Africa. 

“We want to give her a really successful school year and be able to sponsor her again to get her all the way through school,” Brantley said. 

The Key Club received a letter from Leticia thanking them for their sponsorship and telling them about herself. They will continue to write letters and stay in contact with Leticia throughout her school year.

“We hope she will be able to go to college and get more opportunities for herself,” Brown said. “We want to inspire her just as much as she has inspired us.”

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